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tv   9 News Now at 6pm  CBS  September 3, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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dick: 6-5 azarenka. ian: welcome to the cbs sports desk presented by the lincoln financial group. ian eagle with you here in flushing meadows. busy day six. speaking of six, roger federer looking for his sixth u.s. open title, as he squared off with 22-year-old marin cilic. federer tested in this match. but roger finished very strong against cilic. and then federer moves on to the fourth round with a four-set victory over cilic. women's third-round action, the number one player in the world, caroline wozniacki against american vania king.
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wozniacki looking sharp. and she moves on, still looking for her first grand slam title. 2010 french open champion francesca schiavone in action against chanelle scheepers from south africa. and boy, did schiavone need every ounce of energy to survive this one. three-set victory in come-from-behind fashion for schiavone. right now, let's get you back out to more live u.s. open out to more live u.s. open tennis. dick: john mcenroe, mary carillo, dick enberg back at arthur ashe stadium court. sun falling on this beautiful saturday afternoon. we hope you'll be with us tomorrow. now serena williams under the pressure of serving to take this second set into a tie-break after she's had four
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match points, unable to convert against victoria azarenka. she breezed 28 minutes through the opening set. john: fish is a game away now. it would be nice to get that done in three. dick: kevin anderson serving to stay in the match, force a tie-break. just as serena williams in that same position here at arthur ashe. anderson served for the third set, but was broken by fish.
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john: got to be thinking why didn't i do that the last time? easy game to get set for a tie-break. azarenka with another match point on her own serve. >> fault. john: will be an interesting john: will be an interesting tie-break. dick: double fault. she doesn't make many of those. three today. only four in three matches.
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dick: tie-break. [the captioning on this program is provided as an independent service of the national captioning institute, inc., which is solely responsible for the accurate and complete transcription of program content. cbs, its parent and affiliated companies, and their respective agents and divisions are not responsible for the accuracy or completeness of any transcription or for any errors completeness of any transcription or for any errors in transcription.] john: this could screw up the night session if azarenka could pull this off. dick: that's the nightmare for u.s. open officials. the long day matches. they have to clear out this spectator group and then bring in the night crowd of 23,500 that are all jammed outside. azarenka leads it off. azarenka leads it off. >> fault.
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john: earlier in the match, you would have thought she would have taken that return, moved right in behind it. she's the one that's playing with a little less energy than azarenka. really heroic effort by really heroic effort by azarenka to get to this point.
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john: azarenka is rising to the occasion. dick: a quick look at the serena williams box. venus williams is not in attendance, but she is still here in new york after withdrawing after her first round victory. stunning news about the autoimmune virus. 2-1 on the ace. an even dozen. john: as a matter of fact, she served better, serena. she started good. she's struggled for a while. in the last two or three service games, has really served well. azarenka still hanging around. dick: mini break. serena williams 3-1.
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dick: mini break. >> fault.
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dick: that is first class stuff right there. john: that return was big. the fact that she was able to win this point is very impressive. i think this is the best set of tennis i've ever seen from azarenka. dick: take herself out of the terrible start. it began about the last game or two of that opening set. since then, she's played a terrific level. double fault. there goes the mini break. and they'll change ends.
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quick update. over at louis armstrong, tie-break to decide the third set. fish trying to win it in straights. but that's been an arduous three sets over there. john: mary, you mentioned earlier that match in australia where she played great for a set. just faded when the heat got to her. saw the potential. fast forward about 2 1/2 years later and here she is. it's all coming together. it's all coming together. a great effort. >> fault. dick: three hours and 12 minutes, that fish-anderson match. and they're just into the and they're just into the third-set tie-break.
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dick: another high quality rally. 4-3. john: you hit the nail on the head. these two are going toe-to-toe right now. just barely touched it, but couldn't do anything with it. dick: boy, mary, don't you hope we get something like this in a final a week from today, saturday night women's final? mary: it would be rough. i think these are the two best hard court players around these days, in the absence of kim clijsters. that's what impressed me all along about azarenka, when the draw came out. couldn't try to goad her into whining about her draw. she just never went there.
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she really didn't. she knows she got a terrible third-round match-up and she never complained about it. that's how she's playing this match. match. so professionally. mary: look at this. john: that wasn't a good volley. that was a spectacular one. look at this. this is a really good passing shot. maybe she's like it a little bit lower, but very well-handled. dick: she's an outstanding doubles player. shows it on that point. body language from mom didn't even help for serena.
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even help for serena. 5-4 azarenka. john: got a little tentative and defensive. azarenka. serena just rifled that right by her. that is a ball she should have been more aggressive, step in on.
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dick: another ace. john: it's going to be challenged. it looked wide. i don't think it was an ace. dick: it was called good. here's the challenge. we take a look at the chase review. john: can see how important this has become. that ball was called in. that would have given serena that would have given serena match point. dick: and now the fifth match point for serena williams. john: there's a couple people that called out on the return of azarenka. serena would have had to stop that point and challenge there. chose not to, kept playing. and her ball bounced on the line. here she is again. one point away.
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dick: azarenka facing a fifth match point against her. and there it is wide. and serena williams advances. standing ovation. well-earned. what a second set. john: definitely a relief there for serena williams. dick: stephens and ivanovic tonight. john: you play like that, you can go all the way.
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dick: azarenka, valiant effort in that second set. but it's serena williams prevailing 6-1. that will do it for this eventful saturday at the u.s. open. tonight on cbs, a night of drama and mystery begins with "hawaii five-0" followed by "csi: miami." be with us here tomorrow as our live labor day weekend coverage of the 2011 open continues at 11:00 a.m. eastern. it's rafael nadal, andy roddick, and we'll also see american 22-year-old donald young against juan ignacio chela. thank you for watching. great day of tennis here on this saturday at the usta billie jean king national tennis center. victory and dancing and great shot making. we hope you'll join us again tomorrow, 11:00 eastern right here on cbs. the exclusive home of the men's
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and women's u.s. open tennis championships. championships. good night, everyone.
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please stand by for realtime captions. brittany morehouse reports tonight is a tragic accident that follows several fatal mistakes. >> sorry the family had to suffer. >> shock surrounds this yard where a man was killed
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instantly by electrocution while he and a coworker were working on the trees. >> she was clearing out storm damage. they believe that the electricity arcked from a nearby wire to the ladder that he was on. >> hours later a patch of grass remains along with the ladder the man was standing on at the time. officials say blame is irrelevant, but details of the tragedy point to how it could have been prevented with more care. >> people don't always recognize how dangerous lex tripsty can be. >> sources tell us the two men were hired to do after-storm cleanup, but weren't certified. >> tragic to see something like that. people must understand they cannot use aluminum ladders for their working to pose a hazard. >> reporter: and electricians say fiberglass ladders are even safer. >> anything with moisture can duct electricity. >> more important is this law,
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the maryland high-voltage line act requires anyone working within 10 feet of overhead heinz to notify their power company. in this case it was pepco. nab the man they're calling armed and dangerous. his latest hit was yesterday in wheaton, maryland. we're live there now with more. ken? >> reporter: bruce it happened just afternoon yesterday here at this bank. police say the man walked inside here, waving a gun and announcing it was a robbery. montgomery county police say it's the same man they believe robbed 12 other banks through the area, and tonight they want
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him off the streets. >> when u'and you see a robber come in with a gun, i'm certainly the people were frightened and scared. >> reporter: take a good look at this robbery suspect. according to police, he was able to make off with an undisclosed amount of money after yesterday's stickup; but this robbery, investigators say wasn't his first one. >> the bank robbery that occurred yesterday is connected to 12 other bank robberies in the metro area. >> reporter: the suspect's robbery spree dates back to july of 2010, and he's been able to elude capture since then. detectives say he's hit nine banks to include yesterday's robbery, two others in alexandria, virginia, one in falls church and one in arlington. in several cases, investigators say he's returned to the same bank more than once. >> that is bold when you commit one bank robbery and return to the same location the second time. like i said, he did that in three incidents. >> reporter: a brazen suspect on the loose tonight. police say, in yesterday's
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robbery, the tell particular agreed with what the suspect wanted, and no one was hurt. but let's get that picture up on your screen one more time. a good lack at the man police need your help to find tonight. he's being described as being a black male with medium to dark complex. he's 6 feet to if feet 2 inches tall and weighs between 180 to 280 pounds. police are considering him armed and dangerous. if you see him they're saying don't approach him; simply call police. bruce? >> okay. thanks a lot for that report. tropical storm lee is hitting the louisiana coast and has already dropped more than 10 inches of rain in some parts of new orleans, the first real test of that city's rebuilt levee system since hurricane katrina. the storm could last 36 hours or more. warnings are up from mississippi to texas and flash flood warnings along the alabama coast into florida. drew levinson picks up the story from here. >> reporter: tropical storm lee
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is flooding parts of the gulf coast. forecasters predict it could dump up to 20 inches of rain. in new orleans, which sits below sea level, some streets are underwater, but the city's pumps are working, pushing the water into lake ponchatrain. for some it's a problem. >> there it is right there. >> reporter: this man, yielding a plunger spoke to the affiliate. >> despite trying to take matters into your own hands, what else are you doing today? >> raising all the stuff up into my boathouse, trying to save it. i didn't expect it to get this high. >> reporter: so far the storm surge did not penetrate the heavies protecting the new orleans. they've been rebuilt and appear to be holding. lee is wreaking havoc in the tiny town of low feet, louisiana. with lee's drenching rains and floodwaters, emergency rescue crews are urging people to stay
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inside, off the roads and out of the water. >> we're from utah. we don't know any better; and we don't know anybody to tell us it's crazy. so we're going to go out there and think we can catch a few catfish. >> the storm is expected to continue causing problems along the gulf coast through the weekend. drew levinson, cbs news. >> once the impact of tropical storm lee on our area? olga brees is up with weather. stay with us.
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overnight temperatures be fairly mild and on the cool side for some of us in the western suburbs. quiet on doppler 9000. not too much action for the day today.
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. the current temperature scan reveals what the clouds are doing, on the cool side, mostly 70s to 80 degrees. the highs not too much further into the 80s. low, the tropical storm in the gulf will push some of the air into our area. not too much of a concern; but as we get into the middle of the week we'll tap into the moisture, bringing overcast skies and stormy conditions from tuesday into wednesday. right now, though, we're looking good in and around the region. we're going to call for a warmer day for tomorrow, moving into the middle range and pushing the upper 80s by tomorrow afternoon, near 90 degrees. thenly-day showers and storms are possible on your sunday and evening. more widespread scattered storms on monday for your labor day holiday, and then the cold front moves on through. adjusting everything for us by the middle of the week. here's how it breaks done for the next 24 hours with our future cast forecast model. if you get an early start on sunday we're looking good by the 7:00 hour, even into two in
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the afternoon. not so bad. by the time you get to 3:00, 4:00, more widespread opportunities for the rain. does clear out quickly, but we'll keep the clouds around and the temperatures on the cool side for the remainder of the weekend. now, on to the tropics. katia keeps waving between tropical storm and hurricane; but right now the wind are about 70 miles per hour. continues to be out over water, but we're tracking the storm as it moves closer to land we'll know more about the tonight low comfortable, 70 for the city, 60s in and around the beltway, and that sunday forecast, the air quality is in the moderate zone. a cool start in the morning will bring us to the upper 60s into the 70s. tomorrow afternoon, get set for some heat. tomorrow the warmest day of the week as we get upper 80s to near 90 degrees, and then the next does into the holiday? the clouds are start to filter on in. out of the 80s into the middle 80s and even lower 80s by monday and tuesday, and yes, the seven-day forecast does
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feature quite a few changes coming around the pike. take a look at the 70s. not just 70s, lower 70s, cool conditions, some breezes out of the north and northwest, and that is some moisture from lee coming in our direction. >> and all that rain. thanks for watching. the cbs evening news is next and see you back here at 1.
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